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JP2 Awareness in Asia Questionnaire
John McWilliams asks - survey No. 4

JP2's Awareness - questionnaire in Asia - survey No. 4

   Could you please help in a very short survey? (3 or 4 minutes)
   If uncomfortable with any of the questions, answer simply: "no comment".
   Please be as frank as possible

Questions: Response: Y/N
  1.  Have you ever heard of Pope John Paul II? Yes Yes
  2.  Do you know if he is alive or dead? Dead Yes
  3.  Do you know where he lived/worked? Vatican City Yes
  4.  Do you know what he did in his life? The Pope Yes
  5.  Do you know his nationality? Polish Yes
  6.  Can you distinguish him from other leaders? Religious not political Yes
  7.  He was the head of one of the churches, do you know of which one? Catholic Church Yes
  8.  Would you say he was a good or a bad man? Bad No
  9.  Have you any comments on his life or contribution? Good intentions but misguided Yes

  About you: Response:    
  1.  Nationality
  2.  Country of residence
  3.  Age
  4.  Sex
  5.  Religion
  6.  Profession

Place of survey: Bangkok
Date of survey: 21.12 2010



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