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JP2 Awareness in Asia Questionnaire
John McWilliams asks - survey No. 3

JP2's Awareness - questionnaire in Asia - survey No. 3

   Could you please help in a very short survey? (3 or 4 minutes)
   If uncomfortable with any of the questions, answer simply: "no comment".
   Please be as frank as possible

Questions: Response: Y/N
  1.  Have you ever heard of Pope John Paul II? Yes Yes
  2.  Do you know if he is alive or dead? Dead
  3.  Do you know where he lived/worked? No No
  4.  Do you know what he did in his life? He preached
  5.  Do you know his nationality? English No
  6.  Can you distinguish him from other leaders? Treated like a God No
  7.  He was the head of one of the churches, do you know of which one? Christian No
  8.  Would you say he was a good or a bad man? No comment Yes
  9.  Have you any comments on his life or contribution? No No

  About you: Response:    
  1.  Nationality
  2.  Country of residence
  3.  Age
  4.  Sex
  5.  Religion
  6.  Profession

Place of survey: Kuala Lumpur
Date of survey: 03.12 2010



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