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JP2 & the artist
Editor Jerzy Turowicz and Priest Karol Card. Wojtyła

Priest Karol Card. Wojtyła - fragments of correspondence with the editor Jerzy Turowicz

'Faith as well as the whole religious attitude of man has its own particular specifics that cannot be easily reduced to such means of expression that in relation to it is not homogeneous. If the concern to raise a religious attitude makes us search for contemporary means of expression and present it in a way that is accessible to people today, then nonetheless these have to be the right and authentic means - even when it comes to information on religious matters'.

'One must add that any dialogue 'outside', a dialogue with people of different beliefs that the Church so commonly takes up, needs to assume an extremely thorough sense of faith, sensus catholicus needs to be even more mature here than in the case of not taking up dialogue'.

Cracow 13th March 1968


Stefan Papp - sculptor, graphic, cartoonist, an art critic and theorist journalist

I was looking (by chance) through correspondence of Jerzy Turowicz with Cardinal Karol Wojtyła and letters with Pope John Paul II. If I were asked what I would tell Jerzy Turowicz today, I guess that I would only say to my old mentor: Dear Jerzy, unfortunately, you were right! As always...

Quote from memories of Jerzy Turowicz
Cracow 23th March 2006

Between good and evil

An excerpt from the manuscript of a book by Stefan Papp 'Twilight of Money, That Is Dreams Are for Free.' The author, in a conversation with himself, is wondering what a human being is and what world does he want to live in?


Photographs by Judyta Papp ©



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