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JP2's Awareness - questionnaire in Egypt
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JP2's Awareness - questionnaire in Egypt

   This survey was carried out in Egypt
   8 surveys that make up the graph below, represent circa 23% of all people questioned
   Although some questions are grey in their response, a YES or No answer has been extracted
   See all 8 surveys for further information



Questions used in this survey:

1. Have you ever heard of Pope John Paul II?
2. Do you know if he is alive or dead?
3. Do you know where he lived/worked?
4. Do you know what he did for a living?
5. Do you know his nationality?
6. Can you distinguish him from other leaders?
7. He was the head of one of the churches, do you know of which one?
8. Would you say he was a good or a bad man?
9. Have you any comments on his life or contribution?

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