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Advertising in Gazeta Wyborcza, Febuary 24, 2016

The publication appeared on the Polish market in the book magazine, printed by Gazeta Wyborcza.

JP2 Love - the Pope for the times of multimedia -

'The year was 2002, John Paul II was already seriously ill, I always wanted to do a good portrait session of him,' says Judyta Papp. So she simply sent a request with her portfolio by mail and she got a reply from Vatican - where, when and how much time she would have.. Witold BereĊ› talks with Judyta Papp, JP2 Love's producer, about the genesis of the JP2 Love project.

Publication and announcement of the project on

The and websites are part of a big multimedia project that has as its main publication the JP2Love album, dedicated to the memory of John Paul II: his message of love and dialogue.

JP2 Love - i.e. John Paul II in multimedia

‘The Pope's manuscripts, which have never been published before, were made available by the Vatican and included in the album of Karol Wojtyla's poetry. It was possible thanks to the efforts of prelate Pawel Ptasznik, Head of the Polish section of the Vatican Secretariat of State,' Judyta Papp, the project’s author and producer, told the Polish Press Agency.

NYC Nowy Dziennik: Interview with Judyta Papp, the author & producer of 'JP2 Love' project

Anna Bernat: John Paul II through multimedia. An exclusive album publication, also available on various web platforms, on Facebook; a project with a Polish and English language version, with an international reach, involving authorities from Poland and around the world. What is it actually?

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