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Publication and announcement of the project on

Publication and announcement of the project on

JP2 Love and the Polish Pope in the context of love. 'His heart was open to all and he became an inspiration for all of us' – President Peres. and websites are part of a big multimedia project. The project's main component is the JP2Love album devoted to the memory of John Paul II, his message of love and dialogue.

The album includes Pope John Paul II's poems, photos taken during the production of two biographical films, photos of mementos of the Pope and unpublished manuscripts.

The album contains records of important figures representing different religions, e.g. President Shimon Peres, former President Nelson Mandela and Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The websites are prepared both in Polish and English and will include coverage of current events related to the formation of public memory of John Paul II, and interviews with recognized authorities on ethics in sport, politics and business - their opinions on the knowledge that people from various cultures have on the Polish Pope's teachings.

A special Gallery will publish amateur photos taken by the websites’ users during their meetings with John Paul II. An open Forum will serve as a platform for a broad exchange of views on the influence of the Polish Pope's teachings on our personal and social life.

Judyta Papp, the originator, plans to release the album as well as open both websites and start a promotional campaign in autumn, on the 33rd anniversary of Karol Wojtyla's election as Pope, as a reminder of the universal importance of his message of love and dialogue.



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