Bp. Tadeusz Pieronek
Curriculum Vitae
His Excellency Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek

Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek is 74 years old. He was born in Radziechowy (Poland). He took priest holy orders in 1957 in Krakow, was consecrated for Bishop by the Pope John Paul II in Rome.

1951-1956 . Faculty of Theology of Jagellonian University and the Higher Theological Seminary in Krakow.
1956-1960 . Faculty of Canon Law of the Catholic University in Lublin (PhD)
1961-1965 . Faculty of Civil Law of the Lateran University in Rome and Roman Rota Seminary. In 1965 he was granted advocate diploma of the Roman Rota.

1960-1961 . Notary in Metropolitan Curia in Krakow
1971-1979 . Secretary of Synod of the Krakow Archdiocese
1985 . Professor at the Papal Academy of Theology in Krakow
1985-2003 . Visiting professor at the Faculty of Canon Law at the Santa Croce University in Rome
1987-1997 . Secretary of the Second Polish Plenary Synod
Since 1989 to present . Consulter of the Papal Council for Interpretations of the Legislative Texts in Rome
1992-1993 . Deputy Secretary General of the Episcopate Conference of Poland
1993-1998 . Secretary General of the Episcopate Conference of Poland
1998-2004 . Rector of the Papal Academy of Theology in Krakow
2003 . Canonic of the Metropolitan Chapter in Krakow
2005-2006 . Chairman of the Rogation Tribunal of the God Servant John Paul II
1978 to present . Chairman of the Church Committee established by the Pope John Paul II for the implementation of the provisions of the Concordat and for taking up the problems connected to the relations between Church and State in Poland.
2001 to present . Founder and Chairman of the Establishing Committee of the International Conference for the Role of the Catholic Church in the process of European integration.

Author of more than 350 articles on the canon and personal, on the rules of the court as well as on social and political subjects. Editorship of collective works and the sources of the ecclesiastical law. The latest books: The Church is not afraid of freedom (Krakow 1998) and The Church without anaesthetization (Krakow 2004).
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