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Card. Dziwisz and Father Ras at the grave of John Paul II, 22.09.2006 Rome. From Father Ras's private archive
Blessed our Pope, Katowice 2011. Author: Artur N
Beatification in Rome, May 1. Author: Iwona Ptasznik
Beatification in Rome, May 1. Author: Iwona Ptasznik
Pope Benedict XVI, the beatification ceremony of Pope John Paul II, Rome. Author: Paul Brown
After the beatification, Warsaw. Author: Maria N.
Castel Gandolfo, 27.08.1981. Irish Youth Group (me reaching out to shake His hand). His first group since the attempt on His life. Cardinal Dziwisz behind him.
Silent admirer, December 2011
I took this photo in my father's bedroom. The Pope greeting a child. Author: John McWilliams
A store in Cracow and John Paul II's famous cream cake. Author: Giovanni
Pope JPII in 2014, Rome. Author Joana
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 ذكرتني هذه الصور بحفل تطويب البابا يوحنا بولس الثاني في روماالذي كنت موجود فيه. كان رائعا. وبالطبع إستحق يوحنا بولس الثاني لكي نشرفه بهذه الطريقة. أنا لن أنساه أبدا
 Posted: 2012 03.24 23:15 محمد
 What a great idea to create something like an interactive gallery! I am sure each of us has a lot of memorabilia associated with John Paul II, like photos of His visits to Poland etc. And here we can share it. I'am going to look for my pictures.
 Posted: 2012 03.24 17:23 pola
 شكرا يا سيدة يوديتا على هذه الصور والمشروع كله. انا كبولندي عرفت بابا يوحنا بولس الثاني لكن بفضلك بدأت ان اتعرف علبه من جديد.
 Posted: 2012 01.01 13:09 Marcinton
 جميل جداً عملك يا ايتها المصورة الرائعة. لقد ارجعتي الينا ذاكرة الاب يوحنا الثاني المدهشة.
 Posted: 2011 10.09 13:29 abdullah

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