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Letter from Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Metropolitan of Warsaw and his support of the JP2 Love project


It has been six years since Pope John Paul II, who was beatified this year, has gone to our Father's House and now we have to ask ourselves whether we do enough to promote him as a person, as well as his teachings and sanctity. An opportunity for such questions to arise is, for instance, the 11th Pope Day to be held under the banner ‘John Paul II – Man of Prayer’ which not only serves to promote the project, but at the same time leads to the evaluation of all of such initiatives that intend to promote the work of our great Compatriot.

Thus the initiative of publishing an album about the newly Blessed, which aims to present in a modern way John Paul II’s personality and work, is deserving of support. I believe that this idea of Ms. Judyta Papp will be welcomed warmly, with understanding and offers of help.

  + Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz
  Metropolitan of Warsaw


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